You Probably Want To Look At The Pictures.

That’s cool, but let’s break-the-ice.


Hi, you may have guessed by now that my name is Briana Daily. I frequently go by, “Bri” (insert cheesy joke here.) Get it, cheesy? I’ve learned to just embrace that joke over the years when I meet people. I’m a Maine portrait photographer.

Are we meant to be together? Is it love at first sight?

Do you want gorgeous portraits, love 80’s music, summer and books? Do you want an easy-going, experienced photographer to be the Robin to your Batman?

We should talk!

On a more serious note, I like to bring out what makes you, you.  I’m really into capturing organic moments and real emotions. If you don’t feel like a supermodel while being photographed I’ve got a few tips to help you feel less silly, and prompts to get your mind off of that lens staring back at you. I’m also really good at blending in like a chameleon to get those candid moments; you won’t even know I’m there sometimes. I’ll also stay in contact, provide recommendations, keep us on track, and work with you to provide a great experience and end product. Photos shouldn’t stress you out, and I’m here to help!

The Cheese

I’ve been taking pictures professionally for over a decade.

I worked as a law enforcement dispatcher for a couple of years after college. First responders hold a special place in my heart.

I have a BA in English (Yes, I know it’s a liberal arts degree. No, I don’t regret it.)

These days when I’m not chasing around my two kiddos or trying to grab 5 minutes alone with my hubby, I’m taking photos, editing and blogging.

We’ve recently relocated to Naples, The Lakes Region of Maine from the Bangor area. I still travel all around New England, and absolutely love Maine!



  Do you think we’d get along? call me, (207) 370-0750.



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