Lakes Region Maine Senior Photos

Brandon is a handsome Maine senior. Class of 2018! We chose The Naples Causeway for his Lakes Region Maine senior photos. Not only was the location fantastic, but the light was, too.

I’m ready for next year’s Lakes Region High School seniors. Class of 2019! Go Poseidon!

November light has a tendency to be tinged red. So we toned it down just a touch for the yearbook.

The reds of November lend themselves nicely to holiday and family photos. Think Narnia magic!

We’ve already had our first snowfall here! Would you like to schedule a snowy winter session in the Lakes Region or southern Maine?

I’d love to talk to you about your winter family photo session!

Or are you planning on popping the question this winter? Email me or call me to capture your engagement. I absolutely adore photographing engagements!

Southern Maine Photographer Portland Maine Photographer Maine engagement Photographer Lakes Region Maine Senior Photos

Lakes Region Maine Senior Photos

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Photographer in Naples, Maine

I’m Bri. I recently relocated to the Naples, Maine area from further north, and I have over ten years of photography experience.

Are you planning on getting engaged, getting married, celebrating a milestone anniversary or getting the entire family together for the first time in years? Would you like to save those memories and look back on them for years to come?

I love capturing the bond between loved ones. There are always unspoken moments, and they’re the best. A squinched nose, a warm embrace or a hand placed on the small of a back all have emotional significance that can’t be expressed in words. It’s these moments I live for, long to hold onto and strive to capture for you! I’ll help you focus on one another to create organic moments. I love creating beautiful portraits, but never anything overly posed.

Would you like to chat about celebrating your loved ones with a photo session email me, or call me.



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A Summery Maine Maternity Session

Summery Maine Maternity Session

My gorgeous friend, Melissa is expecting her first baby, and I couldn’t be more excited for her and her family! We met up in between her very busy schedule at a field I’d been scoping out for weeks. Our timing was pretty great, too. The field was mowed down the next week (every photographer’s nightmare).

We had a great time. I even tried my hand at making a mini- crop circle. Haha. Not really, but i did flatten a circle for her with my foot in the flowers and brush.

I hope you enjoy this Maine maternity session as much as I did. I love taking photos for expecting mamas, dads and little ones. Families are the best!

Find more about my portrait sessions here.

Maine Maternity Session gorgeous expecting mama

Briana Daily Photography Has Relocated to The Lakes Region

Briana Daily Photography has moved to The Lakes Region of Maine! I’m super excited to be in such a beautiful area of Maine, and I’m looking forward to meeting many new faces. I specialize in weddings, kids portraits and family portraits.

I love my job and meeting new people. You can learn more about me here.

Maine Photographer

If you’re looking for a photographer in Windham, Portland, Gorham, Raymond, Naples, Sebago, Bridgton, Standish, Buxton or really anywhere around the area, look no further. Call me at (207) 370-0750.

maine lakes region photographer

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Get What You Pay For – Wedding Photography Edition

You’ve paid f or  great wedding photography. So how do you get the most out of your photographer on the day of? By giving them a helping hand of course. Now this does not mean doing their job for them, but it does mean taking into consideration the day’s challenges and keeping an open line of communication.

  1. Introduce me to your family, bridal party and close friends. Point out the important people to me. Not only will this help me from saying, “hey you,” all day; I can also make sure to get shots of the people most important to you.

wedding photography mother of the groom

2. Guests often get caught up in the moment of your big day, especially when they’re behind the camera trying to get the shot. And let’s be honest, we want them to get caught up in all the moments of your wedding. But more often than you may realize, over excited guests cause the photographer to miss a shot or two or an entire moment. Whether they literally stand in front of the photographer or use their flash at the same time as the photographer’s washing-out what the photographer exposed for. These instances happen so often these days that most wedding photography contracts have specific clauses written in for just these situations. And just like a contract is written to protect both parties, requesting an unplugged ceremony or wedding may help you attain the best photos your photographer can take. Mention it on your invitation, a quick mention by the officiant before the ceremony, signs at the entrance, and you could even instill a wedding planner or trusted family member with the power to ask them to kindly put the camera down.

wedding ceremony

3. Give your photographer enough time to actually make your photos. We’re not snapping away on portrait mode or with a cell phone camera. Often times it takes you, the couple a few minutes to get into the groove, too. Which is something a professional knows how to help with. If your photographer wants 30 minutes for couple portraits don’t expect the same quality at 15 minutes. The best way to avoid cutting into your photography time unintentionally is to pad your timeline with an extra 5 minutes here and there. Inevitably, something runs over at some point or another. Those extra few minutes will come in handy.

4. I always stress communication, too. If there is something your photographer is or isn’t doing the day of your wedding, let them know! There’s only this one day, don’t just, “let it go.” (That’s my Disney reference for the month.) A great photographer, DJ or planner will know the best times to check in with you to ensure you’re satisfaction throughout the day. If your vendor doesn’t respond to reasonable requests prior to your wedding consider this a red flag. You don’t want to invest in someone who isn’t invested in you.

5. Feeding your photographer is key, too. On days that often last over 8 hours without a break, It’s good to let your photographer chow down at the same time as you. No one really wants pictures of people putting food in their mouths or chewing. It’s just awkward.  And by the time dinner rolls around your photographer has probably been going non-stop for hours already. Everyone needs fuel to function. The best photographers will take a few shots of the food being served, eat quickly without inducing hiccups and then be ready for the next event without skipping a beat. Make sure your venue knows you want your photographer fed. It’s not greedy; it’s just smart.

Maine Wedding Photography

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