How I can make your wedding streamlined and stress-free.

I’ll stay in touch to give you an idea of when to expect my next phone call or email or text. I’ll also ask you for a few things as the day gets closer to help things run smoothly:

Pre-wedding Breakdown
  • When possible I like to check out your venue/s and scout surrounding photography locations. Often times I meet with the couple at one or both locations. This isn’t always possible because of distance or scheduling. Sometimes I go alone to check it out.
  • The only shot list I need is 10 family groupings or less. I’ll also ask for any details that make your family unique.
  • In addition to your families’ names, I like to have your wedding vendors/venues names, addresses and phone numbers. Not only will this help me map out my route to your wedding, but if I have any questions like whether or not flash photography is allowed in the church, I can go directly to your officiant and alleviate your stress load.
  • The name and phone number of a designated 2nd contact on the wedding day. Usually brides choose their maid of honor. This is just in case you get separated from your phone or more likely, too busy the day of to handle a last minute call from me. I don’t normally need it, but it’s good to have.
  • Lastly, but not by importance, a timeline. I like to have them the week of the wedding and any last minute adjustments the day of.

The Day Of
  • Back to the timeline. We don’t have to schedule two hours or more for formals, but we do need to be prepared and expect that things may run a little behind schedule. Padding your timeline with a spare 5 minutes here or 5 there is good idea to help alleviate stress on the day of your wedding. Things don’t always run right on schedule.
  • While you’re getting ready I can get a few detail shots of your rings, shoes, dress and so on… These detail shots aren’t practical once the ceremony begins. So expect to give me some time here, if you want those shots. If you’d like a “first look” or to get your bridal party photos done ahead of schedule (which is an awesome idea) give me another 15 minutes for each or 35 minutes for both (5 minutes of padding). If you want to get crazy, we can do all formal shots before the ceremony. This means you can go straight from your ceremony to your reception without any delays or loss in the momentum of your day. Although from that point on I’ll be on chameleon mode at your cocktail hour and/or reception. I may still want to steal just the two of you for one more quick session during the evening, especially if there’s a view.
  • At your ceremony I go into stealth mode. I like to get wide shots of everyone attending, your entrance, emotions during your vows and of course the kiss.
  • Family formals are best done before the ceremony, but can be done after the ceremony. I like to take 20 minutes for the family photos, which run into another 15 minutes of the bridal party and finally another 20 for just the couple (not including any travel time). Each group of people drops off and heads to the reception as we go. My hope is that it’s just you and I during your couple portraits to create intimacy, and give you both a moment alone before continuing the festivities.
  • I go into chameleon mode during dinner, socializing and dancing. Although you might see me on the dance floor shaking it or singing along while I shoot.
After Your Wedding Day

I try to post one sneak peak the night of or the next day. Then I’ll get down to business editing. There will be more sneak peeks that are emailed to you first before hitting social media and the blog.

If there are things you don’t want included in the blog post please let me know ahead of time. The posts usually include a funny or cute antic about how you met or something that happened on your wedding day. I like to highlight details, portraits, ceremony and reception. I’ll post an online gallery of proofs right before mailing you your photos. They’ll arrive on a usb with a signed paper print release approximately 4-6 weeks later.

Would you like to book your date now? Call me at (207) 370-0750.