Maple Syrup Cake Smash!!! Maine Maple Sunday Inspired Cake Smash.

It’s March 1st, and that means Maine Maple Sunday is right around the corner! I love March. Not only is it my 2nd babies’ birthday month, but if we’re lucky we start seeing signs of spring! Speaking of 2nd babies, mine’s first birthday is right around the corner! I decided to do an at home maple syrup cake smash for her 1 year photos. I’m so glad I did. It was so much fun to watch her taste and tear it apart. She would find a tangy bit of fresh strawberry in the icing and shake-it-out. Haha. She devoured the berries first, and then dipped her fingers in the syrup and icing before diving in with both hands.

I was inspired by Maine’s Maple Sunday¬† and my baby’s love of pancakes for the cake. Honestly, I’ve been dying to do a Maine maple syrup shoot for my March baby since she was born, but it just didn’t work out last year (a move across the state with a newborn and toddler hampered my efforts). Because you know, a newborn can totally fit in sap bucket! Or at least look reasonable if photoshopped into one.

I created a pancake-stack cake with homemade strawberry icing, blueberries and Maine maple syrup drizzled on top of everything! It looked delicious if I do say so myself. She destroyed it daintily, but thoroughly.

I love photographing kids, and not just my own.

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